2 interesting Lars interviews

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2 interesting Lars interviews

Postby Leper Messiah TR » Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:56 am


"Beyond, yes. We’ve got, just hours and hours and hours, I have every show on tape, since probably ‘Justice’ forward, and every show’s been recorded. Every show when we would play the Pine Knob’s or the Popular Creek’s all those kind of amphitheaters that were the first ones to do the video we have the tapes of those, there’s a lot of that stuff but the hardest thing is taking the time to figure out what to do with all of it. "

lots of setlist gaps to be filled... eventually ;)

http://www.metalexpressradio.com/menu.p ... ws&id=5914

"These new songs are a lot of fun to play," Ulrich tells sources. "Traditionally I think we've been a little conservative when we've started off with two songs, three songs (from the new album). We're going to hit the ground running here. We're probably gonna learn all of them and play, I hope, at least five a night and probably rotate 'em so we get a lot of new songs in. That's one thing I'm definite about."
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