Songs that haven't been played live in ages

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Postby ORLY » Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:42 am

Whiplash wrote:I just wanted to know if there was any specific reason why the band haven't played certain songs live in a while.

Songs like Shortest Straw, 2 X 4, Hero of the Day and Poor Twisted Me ?

I already know why some of the other songs don't get played and thats due to either the song's meaning ie Outlaw Torn being about death (James's mum dying of cancer hence why they rarely, if ever, play the song) or the case of the song sounding really bad (ie Unforgiven II) or the band's opinion that the fans weren't enjoying it (ie ...And Justice For All) But it just puzzles me why they don't play the songs I mentioned in italics?

James has said he dislikes sing The Shortest Straw. They didn't play Load songs for the most part throughout World Magnetic because they felt they wouldn't fit with Death Magnetic songs in the set. Hence why they started pulling out all kinds of old rarities and whatnot.

The-Story-so-far wrote:And anyone knows why the freaking hell did they almoust eliminated "Whiplash" from their Setlists? It`s their old MUST! I never understood why they stopped playing that.

or "Welcome Home" between 1996 and 2000....

and they didn`t play "Until it sleeps" since 2000.

Whiplash was played a fair few times throughout the World Magnetic tour, but meh, it's not great live. James has trouble singing it, and Lars can't play the intro.
Sanitarium was played as Mastertarium throughout 2000, and Until It Sleeps was near a regular in 98.

Wraith wrote:I dont know of them ever checking the board. They dont check any board themselves, they have people who administer the club board that tell them about things sometimes.

Lars has been known to rarely pop into the metclub chat room when not touring or recording, but thats it for band members on the internet.

From what I know, Lars and James read the fuck out of Metbb actually. Wish they'd post.

And yes, I agree with whoever said Hero of the day needs to be played. However, it needed to be done during 08, when James' voice was the best it'd been since 03 or 00. I don't think he'd be able to hit all the high parts in the outro now.
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Re: Songs that haven't been played live in ages

Postby Wraith » Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:12 pm

A lot of the rare stuff has been played recently (, including Shortest Straw even. They still shy away from load/reload and st. anger though.
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