Metallica and In Flames

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Metallica and In Flames

Postby MetDream » Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:23 am

I found this on an In Flames message board. Kinda interesting.

In Flames: is the group I established some parallelity with Metallica in my mind.

Kill'em All - Lunar Strain: The debut albums which are less known than others and have a different style than other albums.

Ride The Lightning - TJR: The albums which made the groups known in the scene

Master of Puppets - Whoracle: The albums which made the groups legendary

Justice - Colony: A different album from the last two, an album "by itself"

Metallica - Clayman: The unity of what the groups have done and will be doing in the future, their most mature and their best according to some people.

Load - R2R: The album that comes after their best in history, with significant style change. An album which the older fans don't accept but newer fans / more objective people like very much

Reload - STYE: Average albums which aren't accepted even by the newer fans.

-------- the difference starts here, like : -------

St. Anger: An album which creates disappointment in fulfilling the claims "back to the roots"

Come Clarity: Relatively more work put into fulfilling the back to the roots claim and some bla bla bla


Annihilator's comments: I think many people had thought of those before, especially the Metallica - Clayman / Load - R2R / Reload - STYE similarity is really interesting. What doesn't really fit is Colony - Justice. Still I don't know what it would mean even if they were carbon copies of each other.
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